Fees and Prizes

Cost per unit

Mary Andrews College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The ACT is a self-accrediting national Higher Education Provider (HEP). It operates as a consortium of independent, affiliated colleges.

The ACT has set the 2017 Diploma (200 level) fees at $1,600 per unit. This is the standard cost for all students who are doing Diploma (200) level units.

For Advanced Diploma students, the four units (or six units in the combined Advanced Diploma) which are required to be completed at degree (300-400) level cost more than standard Diploma (200) level units. The ACT has set the 2017 fees for degree (300-400) level units as $2,800 per unit. (Mary Andrews College has chosen not to offer any degree (300-400) level units at the moment. Please note that, if required, there are other ACT-affiliated colleges which do offer degree (300-400) level units.)

FEE-HELP is available for Australian citizens enrolled in the Diploma or the Advanced Diploma. See more information on FEE-HELP below.

The 2017 cost for ACT Certificate courses, including our Pastoral Care Course, is $320 per unit.

For students who would like to attend classes but not complete assignments (i.e. auditing), the 2017 fee for attendance only is $320 per unit.

There is no maximum time in which to complete a course. Full-time study is considered to be four units per semester. No students may enrol in more than five units in any one semester.


Mary Andrews Prize

The Mary Andrews Prize is awarded at the annual college graduation ceremony to the student with the best grade in any Diploma unit at the level of High Distinction.

Information On FEE-HELP

For information on government FEE-HELP assistance for Diploma students, see our FAQ page, or go to the government’s website on FEE-HELP.