Spend a day with the Luthers

Mary Andrews College staff and students get set to reenact the Reformation at 'Life with the Luthers'_small_16x9

Why was the Reformation such a defining moment in the life of the Church? Find out first-hand at ‘Life with the Luthers’, MAC’s unique, interactive event for the whole family on 23 and 25 September.

Step back into Germany in 1517, and interact with the characters and events that played a part in the history of the Reformation. MAC students and staff will re-enact the famous scene as Martin Luther nails his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, and other iconic moments, including Luther’s stand before the Emperor Charles V and church authorities, when he declared: “Here I stand. I can do no other”.

NunsAs you move through this interactive experience, you will see what life and faith looked like for medieval peasants; witness the impact of the Bible being made available to all; hear a nun’s response to freedom in Christ; and you can even ask questions to Martin Luther and his wife, Katie.

“Our hope is that this will give a taste of life and thought in Reformation, and the impact it made on everyday people, then, and still today,” says MAC Reformation lecturer, Marge Mills.

She continues: “It is quite a challenge to change a 21st century office and Bible college into 16th century Germany! But with props, costumes and some imagination from visitors, we hope they get a taste of the Luthers’ life and legacy.”

Held during the school holidays, and suitable for children, ‘Life with the Luthers’ will be open between 10am–1pm and 2pm–5pm on both Saturday, 23 September and Monday, 25 September. Allow around one hour to move through the experience. Entry is free. It will be held at MAC city campus, Level 1, St Andrew’s House, 464–480 Kent St, Sydney.

Register for the event online or phone 1300 590 531.