2020 Reformation Study Tour

Get a taste of what medieval beliefs and culture were like, and grow your understanding of why the reformers felt they needed to bring change to the church and to people’s knowledge of God and salvation.

This Mary Andrews College Reformation Study Tour (CH245) unit is a wonderful opportunity to see Church History come to life as we travel through Germany and Switzerland.

  • Experience the churches, houses, castles and towns where reformers like Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin grew in their grasp of the gospel, taught, preached and translated the Bible.
  • Explore the lives of the humanist Erasmus, and lesser known reformers, like Oeclampadius, Martin Bucer and Philip Melanchthon.
  • Visit amazing museums with displays from the times that deepen our understanding of the birth of the Protestant faith. 
  • Come and be inspired!


Approximate Dates: 3-18 July 2020

Expressions of interest for this Diploma level study tour unit have now closed. The closing date for expressions of interest was 15 May 2019 at 5pm.

Click the button below to register your ‘expression of interest’.

Interested students are to note the following:

  • This Diploma level study tour unit can be part of your existing Diploma course or you can attend it without doing the assessments (i.e. auditing).
  • A family member or a friend is welcome to go on the study tour with you as an auditing student (i.e. without doing any assessments).
  • This Reformation Study Tour (CH245) unit involves compulsory attendance at two lectures at Mary Andrews College during Semester 1 2020, the actual study tour during the mid-semester break in 2020 and a debrief session in Semester 2 2020. This is for audit students as well. There will also probably be a general information session early in 2019 for anyone interested.
  • If you have not previously studied any church history units at Mary Andrews College, taking The Reformation (CH206) unit before the study tour is not required, but would greatly enhance your study tour experience.
  • Those who attend this Reformation Study Tour are expected to have generally good health, manage their own luggage, climb flights of stairs and walk distances for over an hour without walking aids on cobble stones and other uneven surfaces, and to stand listening to a guide, without support. (More information on this to come)
  • Any medical condition, disability, mobility limitation or mental health issue that may affect the functioning of the group will need to be advised in writing during the application process.
  • For eligible students doing this unit as part of their Diploma course, a government FEE-HELP loan may be available for some of the cost (not including airfares, land travel, accommodation, meals etc). Cost not determined yet, but as a guide it may be around $10,000 with approximately $4,000 being claimable on FEE-HELP for those who are doing assessments and working to complete a Diploma.

There is a minimum number of 20 participants required to make this study tour unit viable and this must include at least 15 Diploma students.


Please note that expressions of interest in this study tour unit are now closed.



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