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Welcome! For new students, Mary Andrews College has a two-stage enrolment process to help us to get to know you better.  First, we will ask you to complete the application process and once you have been accepted we will invite you to enrol.

From 2021, Mary Andrews College will be teaching all units via a hybrid mode of learning. Students can choose to attend class physically on-campus or to attend online. For students attending online, we are ensuring that our use of technology enhances every student’s learning experience and that interaction with those on-campus will be a high priority. Students will be able to choose their mode of learning upon enrolment into a unit of study.

New prospective students

Welcome to Mary Andrews College. We are glad that you are intending to study with us. Our application process involves two easy steps for new students:

  1. Application to study – gives us some background information about yourself
  2. Unit and course enrolment – when your application has been approved you will have an opportunity to enrol in a specific course and units for your first semester. Fee payment also happens at this stage.

For more information about applying to study at Mary Andrews College and to complete our online application form, click the button below:

Application Process 


Current MAC students

For more information about re-enrolling for next semester at Mary Andrews College / Australian College of Theology, click the button below:

Re-Enrolment Process


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