Application Process

Flow Chart of MAC Application Process: Enquiry, application, approval, enrolment, follow up of any support needs by Dean of Students, orientation as relevant, semester starts, apply for FEE-HELP if relevant


Our MAC application process involves a number of different stages for all new students. See below for more information about each stage.

Prospective students are asked to to complete the application form at least three weeks before a unit/semester starts.


Apply to Enrol Now



  • The MAC online application form is to be completed at least three weeks before a unit/semester starts.
  • Use the button above to go to our online application form.
  • The questions on our online application form give us some initial information about yourself and any previous study you have done.
  • Based on your previous study, there may be an Admissions Test included in the online form to determine the level of study at which it would be best for you to start. If required to complete it, you will be able to complete the Admissions Test online in one sitting as you are filling out this form, or you will be given the choice to download a copy of the test to return to MAC within a week.
  • You will be asked to provide the names of two referees (including your minister), so please have these handy before you start completing the online form.
  • This form should take between 30 to 45 mins to complete.
  • If you need help in filling out this form online, please don’t hesitate to contact our MAC office at [email protected], or calling 1300-590-531.


  • Each completed application form is considered for approval by MAC.
  • Full time applicants will also need an interview.
  • Applicants will be notified by email about the outcome of their application. Accepted applicants will then be invited to enrol.


  • If your application is accepted, within two weeks of your application you will be emailed a personalised link enabling you to complete an online enrolment form to choose the specific course and units you intend to study in the following semester/year. Using this personalised link will save you time, because it will be pre-filled with your contact details and some of the other information provided on your application form.
  • You need to enrol at least one week before a unit/semester starts.
  • Payment will also be arranged through this form, either by credit card straight away, invoice (for direct deposit, cheque or by instalments) or by giving you instructions on applying for FEE-HELP (available for diploma courses only).
  • You will need to sign regulations from the Australian College of Theology (ACT) and the MAC Code of Conduct Policy at this point, so please read them carefully.

Follow up of any support needs

  • The MAC Dean of Students will be in touch with relevant students to follow up on any student support needs or study skills training that would be helpful for you.

Orientation, as relevant

Semester starts

Apply for FEE-HELP, if relevant

  • Eligible students can apply for a government FEE-HELP funding loan by filling out an Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF). New students enrolling in relevant diploma courses and current students changing courses need to complete a new eCAF.
  • The FEE-HELP application form is completed via the Department of Education’s online portal. Eligible students will receive an email from the Department of Education and Training with instructions on how to log in and fill out the eCAF for your course on the government’s ePortal.
  • You will need your ACT student number and tax file number (TFN) on hand before attempting to complete your eCAF online.
  • For more information about how this eCAF application is submitted (including step by step screen shots), click here.
  • For more information about FEE-HELP loans, the 25% loan fee and how to repay the loan, go to
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