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Making a Gift to Mary Andrews College in your Will

What difference will my gift make to Mary Andrews College?

In delivering evangelical Christian training for women, Mary Andrews College has been responding to the needs of women’s ministry training in Australia since 1891. God has called Mary Andrews College to actively participate in fulfilling the great commission found in Matthew 28:19-20:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Mary Andrews College:

  • Provides opportunities to be equipped for Christian ministry by courses, conferences and events
  • Encourages women to develop their gifts to build up Christ’s church and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world
  • Is a prayerful environment where women can grow in confidence in Christ
  • Offers opportunities for women to develop in maturity through relationships with other Christians

Mary Andrews College is:

  • Evangelical – looking to the Scriptures as the basis for all teaching and training
  • Evangelistic – encouraging everyone in the college to be involved in declaring to family, friends and community Jesus Christ as God’s Son, our Lord and our Saviour
  • Anglican – retaining and approving the doctrines and principles of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England, believing that these express the central doctrines of Scripture and therefore of the Christian faith

Mary Andrews College welcomes people from all denominations.

With your support, Mary Andrews College can ensure that the programs and services we offer can continue to remain relevant today and responsive to emerging needs.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Mary Andrews College is a powerful way to contribute to the future long-term sustainability of our programs, in support of ministry for women.

Types of gifts under a Will

There are several different ways in which you can include Mary Andrews College in your Will:

  • Residuary bequest – this is one of the simplest ways to help. If you choose this option, whatever is left once all of your dependants have been provided for, will be given to Mary Andrews College
  • Specific bequest – you may choose to leave a specific gift in your Will, for example money, a life insurance policy or stocks and shares
  • Pecuniary bequest – this is where you choose to leave a specified sum of money in your Will to Mary Andrews College
  • Gift of real property (devise) – you can also leave a gift of real property to Mary Andrews College should you so desire
  • Whole estate – you may wish to gift your entire estate to Mary Andrews College

How can I leave a gift to Mary Andrews College in my Will?

Should you wish to leave a gift to Mary Andrews College in your Will, we suggest that you use the following wording:

I LEAVE to ANGLICAN DEACONESS MINISTRIES LIMITED ABN 11 069 533 482 of Level 1, St Andrew’s House, 464-480 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA

(Complete as appropriate)

– the whole of my estate OR
– the sum of $ __________________, OR
– the whole of the residue of my estate, OR
– —- % share of the residue of my estate, OR
– all my property known as ————————— and situated at —————————-

to be used for the purposes of MARY ANDREWS COLLEGE

AND I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT the residue means the assets remaining after gifts have been distributed, AND I DECLARE THAT the authorised receipt from the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of ANGLICAN DEACONESS MINISTRIES LIMITED will be sufficient discharge to my Executors.

Should I notify Mary Andrews College that I have included a gift in my Will?

Informing Mary Andrews College of your intention to leave a gift to Mary Andrews College in your Will gives us an opportunity to thank you in person.

You are not obliged to notify us of your decision but we encourage you to do so.

More information

Where can I get help with making my Will?

You can approach a solicitor who specialises in drafting wills or you can approach the NSW Trustee or trustee companies.

Talk to us

If you are considering leaving a gift to Mary Andrews College in your Will and would like to discuss the matter, please contact us at:

Thank you for considering the future of Mary Andrews College.

A copy of this page can also be downloaded in the form of an information sheet:

Download the bequest information sheet

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