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The Certificate of Theology is an introduction to the Bible, Theology, and Discipleship & Pastoral Care. This pathway is specifically designed for women who have a desire to learn more about God’s word and how this learning shapes how we disciple and care for others in our local church community. The Certificate in Theology is ideal for anyone who has not done any study after high school. Many students who study the Certificate in Theology with us at MAC have no other tertiary qualifications or these qualifications were completed a long time ago. Some of our certificate students did not complete high school. It is the perfect course for beginners to give you a solid introduction to the Bible in combination with some practical ministry skills.

The Certificate in Theology is a course of the Australian College of Theology. The Certificate of Theology has six units (subjects). Each unit is 12 hours of class content and can be studied in person at our campus in the Sydney or CBD or in live online lectures. For each unit, you will be expected to undertake up to 38 hours of work outside of the classroom doing set reading and assignment preparation.

This pathway is suitable for women who wish to be further equipped for discipling ministries in the local church, such as mentoring and small group leading, as well as serving in pastoral care in the local church and in community chaplaincy programs.


The course is intended to further the education of adults in relation to Christian faith and life. Its aim is to stimulate the interest of alert and enquiring minds. What is required is not so much academic scholarship as an understanding of Christian theology and its implication for contemporary life.

Course Delivery

The Certificate in Theology runs on-campus in the Sydney CBD (pending Government Health Orders) and in live online classes.

Course Structure

The Certificate in Theology is comprised of 3 core units and 3 elective units.

The Certificate in Theology is one year full-time. Students wishing to undertake the certificate part-time can do so by enrolling in as little as one unit per semester.

Core Units Elective Units
Old Testament

New Testament

Christian Belief

Each year, MAC runs different elective units which you can choose from. In 2022, these elective units will be:

Pastoral Care

Practical Pastoral Care

Introduction to Christian Spirituality


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Admission Requirements

Open to persons who have satisfactorily completed Year 10 in an Australian school system (or equivalent); or to such other persons approved by the ACT Registrar.

Apply to Study

Mary Andrews College has an admissions procedure that involves obtaining two references from a church leader and someone else who knows you well from a Christian context. All applicants will also need to agree to MAC’s Code of Conduct.

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Course Fees

Mary Andrews College is an Affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The tuition fees are set by the ACT on an annual basis. More information about tuition fees is available at: https://www.actheology.edu.au/fees/

For 2022, the official cost of Certificate units is $1,025 per unit. However, MAC will be subsidising the cost significantly in 2022 so that the cost to students is $550 per unit.

Students enrolled in the Certificate in Theology are not eligible to receive a FEE-HELP loan from the government.

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