Student Stories

Melissa’s story

Melissa has battled learning difficulties her whole life, but she blossomed at Mary Andrews College.

Robyn’s story

Mary Andrews College and the Bush Church Aid Society – two great institutions working to equip and send God's workers into the world. Robyn lives in both worlds.

Wendy and KahLin’s story

Wendy and KahLin were strangers who have become friends. They shared a wonderful trip together as part of their studies at Mary Andrews College. Their lives will never be the same. Hear how it all unfolded ...

Deanne’s story

Deanne’s cute giggle hides a steely determination to prepare herself for ministry for the rest of her life. Hear how she achieves that.

Sally’s story

Our students come from all sorts of different backgrounds and interests. Sally shares about the fascinating job she held ...

Gail’s story

Gail shows that flowers plus Mary Andrews College can make for a great ministry. Hear how it all unfolded ...

Joanne’s story

Joanne's rector did her a favour when he signed her up for Mary Andrews College. Find out more about her story ...

John’s story

Two surprising reasons brought John to Mary Andrews College. Watch here to find out what they were ...
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