Certificate in Theology

The Certificate pathway is an introduction to the Bible, Theology, and Discipleship & Pastoral Care. This pathway is specifically designed for women who have a desire to learn more about God’s word and how this learning shapes how we disciple and care for others in our local church community, yet who might not have undertaken formal study before, who might be quite nervous about the level of study at MAC, or who feel formal study is a bit beyond them. The Certificate level pathway will build your confidence in study and communication skills, while gaining an introduction to biblical skills, discipleship, and pastoral care.


The Certificate level pathway offered at MAC is the Certificate in Theology, which is a course of the Australian College of Theology. The Certificate in Theology is made up of six units where each unit requires 12 hours of face-to-face learning either online or on-campus, as well as 38 hours of assignment preparation and class preparation. The course pathway for the Certificate of Theology at Mary Andrews College is designed with a balance of equipping students with skills in handling the biblical text with pastoral care skills. The six units that make up this pathway and which are offered each year are:


  1. Skills in Biblical Interpretation (Semester One)
  2. Pastoral Care (Semester One)
  3. Old Testament (Semester One)
  4. New Testament (Semester Two)
  5. Christian Belief (Semester Two)
  6. Practical Pastoral Care (Semester Two)


This pathway is suitable for women who wish to be further equipped for discipling ministries in the local church, such as mentoring and small group leading, as well as serving in pastoral care in the local church and in community chaplaincy programs.