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Pastoral Care Course

This internal course consists of the two Certificate units:

  • Pastoral Care (IPC)
  • Practical Pastoral Care (IAPC).

The Pastoral Care (IPC) unit must be completed before the Practical Pastoral Care (IAPC) unit is started.

Completion of a full six unit Certificate in Theology course is optional. The Certificate in TheologyACT logo colour with writing is a course of the Australian College of Theology.

This course is designed to help you develop an understanding of pastoral care and its effectiveness in building up the body of Christ. Imagine the difference you could make in your church by being a more effective ‘carer’ of others.

After you have completed both units in this Pastoral Care Course, you will receive an award from Mary Andrews College.

The 2017 cost is $320 per Certificate unit.

The 2017 cost for attendance only (i.e. auditing) is also $320 per unit. (Note that units which are audited will not be counted towards a course.)

MAC Workshops

Did you know that Mary Andrews College has something very unique to offer Christian organisations? We can come to your workplace or church to deliver short workshops that will deepen your biblical knowledge and enhance your practical ministry skills. These workshops offer the same engaging content as our MAC courses in a condensed format. And our experienced theological lecturers, with practical skills, can even tailor these workshops for the specific needs of your organisation or church.

Over the past two years, Jackie has been offering this training to Anglicare and St Andrew’s Cathedral School. Workers have been encouraged and inspired to put their Christian faith into action in their workplaces. They have come away from these training workshops with a new appreciation of the influence they can have, often in ways they are even aware of!

Recently, Jackie has conducted four workshops for Anglicare staff at several different venues. The evaluation forms which participants were encouraged to complete makes fascinating – and encouraging – reading!

When asked “What did you learn today?”, the responses included:

“How to handle conflict in a godly way”
“How to deal with conflict constructively”

The question “What did you like most in today’s training?” also had a fairly standard answer … Jackie!

“Jackie is great at communication and listening – a great teacher!”
“Excellent presenter … involved everyone to interact”
“Jackie’s engagement with the group”
“The clarity with which it was presented”

Regarding the workshops in general, comments included:

“More please!
“When is the next one?”
“Thank you. Please keep having workshops.”
“The best seminar I have ever experienced with Anglicare.”

Are you working in a Christian workplace that could benefit from tailored workshops like this? Do you work as part of a staff team in a school, nursing home, retirement village, business or church? Then let us come to you to you, and provide your team with the opportunity to spend a day together, gaining biblical insights and practical training on integrating faith into your workplace.

For more information, please call Mary Andrews College today on 1300 590 531.

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