Diploma Study Options

Diploma level study gives students foundational level knowledge and skills in the Bible, Theology, and in Discipleship & Pastoral Care skills.  Diploma level study is suitable for women who wish to gain a deeper understanding of how the Bible shapes our ministry practice in the local church and wider community.

There are five Diploma options that you can choose from.  Each option is a course of the Australian College of Theology, which Mary Andrews College is approved to deliver as an affiliated college:


Course Diploma in Ministry Diploma in Theology Combined diploma in Ministry/ Theology Advanced diploma in Ministry Advanced diploma in Theology
Credit points 96 96 144 144 (132 at AQF 5 and 12 at AQF 6) 144 (132 at AQF 5 and 12 at AQF 6)
Time to complete 1 year full-time or up to 5.5 years part-time 1 year full-time or up to 5.5 years part-time 1.5 years full-time or up to 8 years part-time 1.5 years full-time or up to 8 years part-time 1.5 years full-time or up to 8 years part-time


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Entrance Requirements
Each of the Diploma courses above are part of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and are level 5 awards. As AQF level 5 awards, the entrance requirement is:

  • an ATAR of 65.00 or higher, or a previously completed higher education course at AQF Level 5 (diploma) or higher.

If an applicant does not meet these entrance requirements, then the College may ask the applicant to complete an admissions test or to begin with the Certificate of Theology.

Apply to Study
Mary Andrews College has an admissions procedure that involves obtaining two references from a church leader and someone else who knows you well from a Christian context. All applicants will also need to agree to MAC’s Code of Conduct where you can read ahead of applying.

Applications for Semester 1, 2022 close on 28th January 2022.

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Course Fees
Mary Andrews College is an Affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The tuition fees are set by the ACT on an annual basis. More information about tuition fees is available at: https://wwwactheology.edu.au/tuition-fees

For 2022, 8 credit point units cost $1,720 per unit. 12 credit points cost $2,580 per unit.

A FEE-HELP loan scheme is available from the government for eligible Australian citizens to cover tuition fees for Diploma courses. Completion of the entire course is expected, and repayment of the FEE-HELP loan and loan fee is based on personal taxable income. Please read carefully the information at www.studyassist.gov.au
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