MAC Certificate FAQs

How do I apply to begin a MAC Certificate?

Go to our application process page to find out more:Application process

How do I enrol in a subject?

Once your application has been approved you will be sent an email with an inviation to enrol in your subject/s for the coming year or semester.

Do I have to complete assignments in order to get a Certificate?

Yes, in order to finish the course and be awarded one of the MAC Certificates, you must complete the assignments set for each subject. If you would like to attend classes without having the complete the assignments, you can choose to audit a subject. Auditing means you can attend classes but no not complete the assignments but you do not receive a Certificate at the completion of your study.

Do the Certificate subjects have any exams?

No, none of the subjects in the MAC certificates have any exams.

How many hours is each MAC subject?

Each subject in the MAC Certificates is comprised of 12 hours of class time. This is comprised of 4 x 3 hour classes. There is also an additional 1 hour online at the beginning of the subject to give you a chance to settle in and get to know your lecturer and what is expected in your subject. On top of the 12 hours of class time, you will also need time to research and write your assignments. Some subjects also have a practical element. This will be explained further in the description of each particular subject.

What are the fees for each Certificate subject?

To enrol in a subject for credit towards a MAC certificate, the cost for 2023 is $400 per subject.

To audit a subject (no assignments), the cost for 2023 is $250 per subject.

MAC Alumni (graduates) can audit any Certificate subject in 2023 for $150 per subject.

Unfortunately, FEE-HELP is not available for the MAC Certificates as they are non-AQF Certificates. For more information on the Australian Qualifications Framework, go to https://www.aqf.edu.au/.

How long do I have to complete my Certificate?

There is a 6 year time period in which to complete your MAC Certificate. Students can undertake between 1 and 4 subjects each semester as they are able. Students can complete a certificate in under 1 year by completing 3 subjects per semester. Alternatively, students may wish to extend their study over a longer period of time. Students can also choose to complete an additional two subjects and upgrade to an Advanced Certificate.

Can I study the MAC Certificates online?

Yes! All of the MAC Certificates are run in hybrid mode which means we teach our subjects to students in-person and online simultaneously. This means students across Australia can join in classes together online for live classes with the opportunity to ask questions of their lecturer and get to know other students in their class through class discussions, group work and other online modes of communication.

Do online Certificate students get access to the MAC library and online resources?

Yes! Certificate students get access to MAC’s physical library located on campus as well as a range of online databases in order to undertake research for your assignments. Each subject also has an eLibrary set by the lecturer with resources to specifically help you with your assignments for that subject.

What kind of assignments will I have to do to complete the Certificate subjects?

At MAC we try and make our assignments as practical and relevant as possible. Sometimes you will be asked to write an essay on a particular topic but other assignments might require you to create a PowerPoint presentation, create a resource for Kids or Youth ministry, write a letter to a friend about what you have been learning in class, or even write a blog post.

Who teaches the MAC Certificates?

MAC is blessed to have a great team of experienced and qualified lecturers who are passionate about their areas of teaching. Find out more about the MAC team here 

What will a MAC Certificate qualify me to do?

The MAC Certificates may be studied as part of preparation for lay ministry or simply to help students grow in their knowledge, understanding and application of God’s word. The MAC Certificates offer an excellent entry point into theological training which can help prepare students for further study or provide a solid foundation for lay ministry. The right combination of subjects as part of a MAC certificate can qualify a student to become a Community Chaplain

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