26th January

How will you ‘celebrate’ 26th January?

There are many questions which now surround this date. Should it be called Australia Day? Should it be celebrated? Should the date be changed? On this day, how do we recognise the history of the original people of this land?

So many things to ponder….and many more. We may differ in how we answer some of these.

As believers in the one true God and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, there are some things that we can hold together to be true.

•   All people are made in God’s image and should be treated with dignity and respect.

•   We have been challenged by the indigenous people of this land and by God’s word to take care of this land and not to exploit it.

•   No matter what our racial or cultural background or our country of origin, those who believe in Jesus Christ are all one in him.

•   God has given us this world to enjoy with thankfulness. In this country of Australia we have so much to enjoy, so let us be deeply grateful.

•   Truth is important, so let us beware of history that is written to honour only one side of a story. Let us seek to understand those who have been ignored or sidelined, and keep our minds open to truths that may be uncomfortable for us to hear and acknowledge.

•   God grieves for those who are, and have been, disregarded and mistreated. Do we have hearts that reflect our loving God?

Christians may differ on some things, but let us keep thinking through and applying the truths in the Bible to this important discussion in our society.

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