The Queen’s Saviour

The media has been full of reports about the Queen’s death. It has been interesting to see how often (or not) her faith has been mentioned. Whatever we think of the Monarchy, the Queen has been an amazing example to us. I have been reflecting on a number of areas where we could do well to reflect further on her commitment

The Queen who reigned under the King of Kings

The Queen recognised that her reign was not the ultimate reign, that she answered to a higher authority. The quote above indicates how seriously she took this reality.

The Queen who recognised the need for wisdom
The Queen spoke openly about praying for and relying on God’s wisdom. She recognised that only God could be the source of knowing how to make wise decisions in a complex world. How many times she must have needed to go to ask for that wisdom.

The Queen who took church seriously
The Queen was a model of the importance of gathering with God’s people to listen together to His Word and to pray. It is interesting to reflect on the number of times she had been prayed for by the Church as well.

The Queen who took opportunities to share her faith
Her Christmas messages in particular contained overt expressions of the Gospel and of her faith and trust in Jesus. In disasters she was a steadying presence pointing people to God.

The Queen who is dead and alive
The death of the Queen reminds us that this earthly life comes to an end. We witnessed her fragility even though she faithfully served to the very end. Her family and many people have been deeply affected by her death. No one can stop the process of death. And yet she is very much alive. All the promises of the Gospel have been fulfilled for her. She didn’t get her wish of laying her crown down at Jesus return, but she is with the Lord now, fully free to worship Him.

My prayer is that as King Charles III takes up his reign, he will follow his mother’s example.

The Queen was certainly not a perfect person and she like all of us, needed a Saviour. I hope that we will take the opportunity to reflect on what her life demonstrates for us. Whatever opportunities the Lord opens up for us, may we seek to share the good news of Jesus, and also to demonstrate that the Gospel has changed us. As you continue your studies and the faculty and staff seek to support you in that, may we all see the importance of not only knowing about God, but through the Spirit being transformed in every aspect of our lives.

Rev. Jackie Stoneman

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