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For the Church: free mental health video series and resources launched for World Mental Health Day, 10 October.

In light of Mental Health Month this October, Anglican Deaconess Ministries’ Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute (MHPCI) in partnership with Mary Andrews College has launched a set of free resources to assist churches in addressing mental illness. The “10/10” initiative —named after World Mental Health Day on 10 Oct.— include 10 personal video interviews with carers, those living with mental illness, ministers and professionals, all aimed at addressing stigma and encouraging conversation around mental health within church communities.

“The church has so much to offer those dealing with mental illnesses or struggling with mental health issues,” says Sarah Condie, co-director of the MHPCI. “Christians are people of hope, loved by God, and can offer both to others. We’re excited to see how these videos and resources assist the church as it cares for its people.”

Accompanying the trailer and short videos is a free practical church service packet that includes talking points, specific prayers, church announcements, biblical readings, and tips to support those struggling with mental health. Church leaders can use the guide as necessary to assist their congregations in acknowledging the reality of mental illness amongst all Australians and particularly within the church. The videos and accompanying resources are free and accessible to anyone any time of the year through the MHPCI website, www.mentalhealthinstitute.org.au.

“Because nearly one in two Australians will experience a diagnosable mental health condition within their lifetime, we wanted to acknowledge the importance of caring for those who might be struggling,” said Rev. Dr Keith Condie, co-director of the MHPCI. “God does not look upon people according to their feelings or how mentally healthy they are, but according to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. These resources provide churches with ways to communicate this message to members of churches and to offer them encouragement, comfort and practical support.”

The MHPCI provides church and ministry leaders everywhere with biblically and theologically informed training and resources for pastoral care with excellence. Its primary purpose is to promote well-being while alleviating distress, especially for those suffering from mental illness. The Institute’s work seeks to answer the question: “how can churches better understand and address mental health and pastoral care issues?” It draws on the wisdom and guidance of the bible combined with the best psychological and medical research to provide resources to make a real and lasting impact on the mental and spiritual well-being of people in churches and communities.

“Mental Health Month is an initiative that encourages individuals to consider mental health and wellbeing, regardless of their lived experience” said Rev. Dr Condie. “It’s a great opportunity for the Christian church to help understand the importance of mental health and to care for its people with grace and wisdom.”

Rev. Dr Condie teaches Pastoral Care for those with Mental Illness at Mary Andrews College.

The 10/10 Mental Health Video Series is available on the MHPCI website.


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