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Vivian Cheung, a MAC lecturer who joined the faculty this year, reflects on the joys of her experience in the MAC community so far. 
How have you found your experience lecturing at MAC so far?
I have thoroughly enjoyed lecturing at MAC. Jackie and the other faculty and staff have been super-helpful and supportive. The students’ love of learning, growing and applying the knowledge of God has also made my experience at MAC immensely special and fulfilling. Overall, it has been a real privilege and blessing.
What have you enjoyed most about lecturing at MAC?
There are many things I love about lecturing at MAC. The social interaction, the gentle encouragements and the various experiences of mature Christian women create the perfect environment for learning and growing in Christ. I have benefited enormously and have been sharpened in my own knowledge and understanding. I am also very grateful for the opportunity to serve and utilise the skills and knowledge that God has given me, for this work and for his glory.
What makes studying and working at MAC such a unique experience for staff and students?
I think what makes being at MAC special is the common goal of both the staff and students in wanting to bring glory to God by sharing his love with others. MAC students are enthusiastic in soaking up as much knowledge as possible, and this is sought for the sake of serving and loving God and others. As a result, studying or working at MAC really is an uplifting experience – a bit of a sanctuary, a garden for flourishing.
Vivian joined the MAC faculty after working as a physiotherapist for 20 years. She teaches the Diploma unit ‘God and the Person and Work of Christ’. A graduate of Moore Theological College, she is currently completing her Masters of Arts (Theology) at Ridley College. Vivian serves at St Phil’s Anglican Church, Caringbah, where her husband is the Senior Minister.


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