A prayer for MAC

A prayer from the MAC Graduation 2019:

Our Father in Heaven, who is gracious and compassionate,

We praise you and give you much thanks for the abundant blessings and resources you have given us here at MAC. For our space, our library, our facilities, but most importantly, we thank you for your people who make up this college, that as the body of Christ, we may reach the unity of faith and in the knowledge of your son and that we may become mature and attaining the whole measure of your fullness.

So we uphold our lecturers, especially in their role in teaching and equipping your people for works of service. Grant them diligence in their preparation, knowledge and skill in their teaching, grace and love when they relate to students, godliness as they model Christ, and trust in you for growth.

For our staff who support the administration and functioning of our college, bless them with great efficiency and adaptability, inspiration, perseverance and joy.  We pray especially for easy transitioning with all the changes happening at the level of our college, ACT and our government.  

We thank you for the generosity of those who give financially and for the previous generations who have dedicated themselves to this work. Father, we pray for the future of MAC, we ask that you will indeed continue to honour our labours. Guide us by your Spirit and flood our college with new enrolments and that we may be used mightily as your instrument of grace.   

For our Principal, Jackie, we thank you for her long-term passion and faithfulness. Please continue to give her much wisdom and insight as she leads. Sustain her through trials and shower her with the encouragement of seeing the fruitfulness and impact MAC has upon our students and those they serve.

And finally, we seek your blessings upon our parent organization, ADM, for the board and our CEO, Kate. We pray that together we will keep our eyes fixed on Christ as we serve by your Spirit to see women flourish in kingdom work. Our hearts yearn for your kingdom to come, for the day where all will bow before Christ and worship you. May we labour to this end so that our city, our nation and our world will bring praise and glory to your holy name. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

– Viv Cheung, MAC Lecturer


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