Announcing the new MAC Certificates

For over 130 years, Mary Andrews College has been training women in the Bible and Ministry with the aim of equipping women to serve Christ in the church, the community, and the world. Through deepening their knowledge and understanding of God’s word, as well as helping them develop practical ministry skills, our students find themselves better prepared for the ministry opportunities God provides for them.

For many years, students have been drawn to MAC because of our focus on developing students’ practical pastoral care skills. Many women recognise that there is a need for more training in pastoral care in our churches and it a great joy and privilege for us at MAC that we can help equip women with these skills. Over the last few years, MAC has also expanded our areas of speciality by focusing also on mental health. Mary Andrews College now has our own Pastoral Care and Mental Health Institute to develop resources for churches in these important areas. We also commenced running a postgraduate qualification in mental health. We recognise that mental ill-health is a significant issue in our communities, including our church communities, and we hope to train people well in this area to help support those living with mental ill-health as well as encouraging better understanding of mental health and wellbeing more broadly.

In prayerfully considering ways we can continue to improve our training options for students, we decided to lean into our areas of strength and expertise – pastoral care and mental health – and develop a series of short courses targeting these particular areas. As of 2023, MAC will be offering three new MAC-branded certificate courses which are designed as introductory courses in Bible, ministry and pastoral care:

  1. MAC Certificate in Bible and Ministry
  2. MAC Certificate in Pastoral Care
  3. MAC Certificate in Pastoral Care and Mental Health

With only 6 subjects per certificate, the courses can be completed in one year part-time. But for those trying to fit study in around other responsibilities, the 12-hour subjects can be completed one subject at a time over a longer period. These courses are great introductory courses to the Bible, ministry, and pastoral care and can be helpful for women who might not have studied in some time but are interested in dipping their toe in the water again before trying a longer course. They are also designed for women already in ministry roles wishing to develop their knowledge and skills in these particular areas. They also serve as a great stepping-stone towards longer study options. All 3 certificates can be upgraded to an Advanced Certificate with the completion of two additional elective units.

As with all courses taught at MAC, these new certificates will be run in hybrid mode – simultaneously online and in-person. While many online certificates offer only pre-recorded lectures, MAC is committed to providing students with a community within which to learn and grow. Our online students join live classes and can join in discussions with their peers and get to ask questions of the lecturer in real-time. Getting the opportunity to try out your new skills in class gives you a safe space to practice those skills before using them in real-life ministry opportunities. Meeting other students and learning together is such an important part of study and we want students all over Australia to be able to get this experience alongside those who join us on-campus.

If you’d like to find out more about the MAC Certificates, you can go to our Certificate Study page

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