Dr Justine Toh appointed as Research Associate

Mary Andrews College is delighted to announce that Dr Justine Toh has joined us as a Research Associate to complete a one-year project.

Justine is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity where she speaks and writes about reading contemporary culture. Her book Achievement Addiction exemplifies this approach while also calling out the harms of a society that worships success. Justine enjoys exploring the way that film, TV, and other stories we tell ourselves about ourselves tap into our ultimate longings and hopes. Justine has a PhD in Cultural Studies at Macquarie University in Sydney.

During her time with us at Mary Andrews College, Justine will be doing a one-year research project entitled A Theological Approach to the Dignity and Valuing of Primary Care Work within Family Relationships. The project will develop a biblical framework for understanding the dignity and value of primary care work within a family household as well as address the implications of this framework for church and society. She says, “I’m looking forward to thinking deeply about the nature of care through a Christian lens and exploring the infinite ways that caring relationships shape and underwrite the entirety of our existence.”

Justine’s appointment to conduct this research was made possible by a generous offering from a donor who wanted to see meaningful Christian research on this topic. Mary Andrews College is very grateful to this donor for their interest and commitment.

Dr Louise Gosbell, Principal of Mary Andrews College, says of Justine’s new position, “It’s a great joy to welcome Justine to the MAC team for the next year. Justine’s work is always so insightful and challenging. She helps readers to engage well with important issues in society and the church. We are excited about what Justine can bring to this topic of primary care work and what practical applications the church can gain from reflecting on this important work.”

Please join us in congratulating Justine on her appointment to this position, and pray for her as she works on her project and contributes to the Mary Andrews College community.


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