Graduate Profile: Maxine Lean

As we look forward to the graduation of the MAC Class of 2018 this week, we’ve been speaking with some of our graduates, finding out how their time at Mary Andrews College has shaped and changed them. Here, we speak with Maxine Lean.

Mary Andrews Graduate, Maxine Lean


How long did you study at MAC?

I studied at MAC for 3.5 years on a part-time basis and recently completed a Diploma of Theology.


What was a highlight of studying at MAC?

There are so many highlights to name…but at the top would be the incomparable privilege of being able to fully immerse myself in God’s living Word and to be reminded of His goodness, and seeing God’s hand in the everyday!  As Paul wrote, nothing in the world compares with the “surpassing worth of knowing Christ” (Philippians 3:8).  Another lovely thing has been the blessing of fellowship with other MAC sisters and lecturers, as we encouraged each other not just academically, but in lives’ struggles and in remaining faithful to Christ.  (I also miss the quintessential MAC “cheese & crackers”!)


How has MAC equipped you for your ministry and life as a Christian?

MAC has played a pivotal role in deepening the depth and breadth of my biblical understanding, enabling me to help other women engage with the bible better; teaching me to care and love others more deeply and intentionally, as a wife, mum, daughter, friend and ministry leader.  At the same time, I have been humbly reminded to depend on God more, knowing that I am nothing without Him. God has brought numerous (and often surprising!) opportunities in the day-to-day, enabling me to serve the women in my women’s community group better; in leading and writing bible studies, in pastorally supporting those struggling, in starting a “Walking group” with school parents and connecting with my neighbours.  Thanks to my studies in the Reformation, I’ve also had the privilege of presenting short talks on the Reformation at church and I am excited to be preparing to train the women in my church on biblical exegesis next term.


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