Introducing the Graduate Certificate of Pastoral Care for Mental Health

Awareness of mental health issues in the local church and surrounding community is growing, yet ministry workers report feeling under-equipped to effectively care for those experiencing mental health challenges. Also, professional Christian health care workers who have training in mental health care are asking for further training to gain a theological framework for what they do in their everyday professions. Is there a context where both groups can be brought together and to learn from one another? We believe there is.

The Graduate Certificate of Pastoral Care for Mental Health is designed to be a professional development course for men and women who work in ministry and professional health care workers. The Graduate Certificate offers specialised training in pastoral responses to mental health and wellbeing with a focus on preventative and reactive strategies, while also equipping students with a rigorous theological framework for mental health and wellbeing that is Biblically grounded.

The Graduate Certificate is made up of four units. Two units are foundational that focus upon a theological framework for wellbeing and a theological framework for mental health. The other two units are electives and each will focus upon applying the theological frameworks gained in the foundational units to issues in the mental health space in the local church and in the local community. Each unit will be taught by specialists in the field with the course leader being Keith Condie, the Co-Director of the Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute.

The first unit in the Graduate Certificate launches in Semester Two 2021.

Click here for more information about this Graduate Certificate course and its units.


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