Graduate Profile: Trisha Spencer

Trisha Spencer graduated from a Certificate in Theology this March. Here, she shares a little about her time at MAC:


Why did you choose to study at MAC?

I knew people who had studied at MAC, had seen it advertised many times in the Southern Cross newspaper and believed it was a reputable college associated with the Anglican Church.

What was your favourite unit at MAC?

I enjoyed every unit I studied because the teachers were so engaging and I was able to delve into each topic by in-depth reading for assignments. ‘Disability and God’s People’ was particularly helpful for

 my involvement with Jesus Club ministry.

What do you love about MAC?

I loved my time at MAC and recommend it to as many people as possible because I think it’s a privilege to have dedicated time to study God’s word, with such well-informed teachers in an aesthetically-pleasing environment, with mature Christian sisters.


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