Hundreds experience Life with the Luthers

Almost 800 people streamed through Mary Andrews College to experience our Life with the Luthers event over 23 and 25 September.

Church groups, families and even passers-by were welcomed into 16th century Germany, as Mary Andrews College was transformed into various scenes depicting the life of Martin and Katie Luther, as well as other characters of the Reformation era.

Nuns LWL

In one area, visitors witnessed Martin Luther nail his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, and in another they heard his speech before the Emperor Charles V and church authorities at the Diet of Worms. Medieval peasants and nuns shared about their life and faith, and visitors were even able to interact with Martin and Katie in the Luthers’ kitchen!

MAC students, staff and family members played the character roles, and their costumes and performances were so convincing that many guests thought they were professional actors!

Organiser of the event and MAC Reformation lecturer, Margery Mills, said, “It’s amazing what a lot of imagination, a collection of props and costumes, and a real excitement about the Reformation can produce – to transform a modern Bible college into Europe in the 1500s … We were thrilled to have the word spread, and to have so many people come and really enjoy being immersed in the Reformation period.”

She continued: “It was a wonderful team effort, with much prior work done by MAC lecturers, enthusiastically and ably supported by our students … We have been really impressed by the volunteers (students, family and staff) who have stepped out beyond their comfort zones to present the world of the Luthers. Whether nuns, peasants, ushers, one of our three Martins or two Katies, a printer, emperor, or bishops, they all carried off their roles and pointed the many visitors to the Reformation truths of Christ alone, Bible alone, grace alone and faith alone. In fact, the whole event was produced to the glory of God alone.”

Visitors gave some wonderful feedback about the event, such as: “It was as if we stepped back in time and saw the Reformation happen in front of us”; “Hearing about it is one thing, but this really made me understand what it meant to stand up for truth against the powers of the time”; and “Thank you so much; it was wonderful for our kids to get excited about the Reformation.”


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