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During Covid lockdown in May 2020, Justine Toh reflected in a “thinking out loud” social media post for CPX,

“But even if women are still in paid employment, shutdown has meant multi-tasking on multiple fronts. We already knew that pre-COVID, women did most of the housework. Well, guess what too many women were doing during March, April, and most of May? Not just keeping house but homeschooling, parenting, and trying to work from home…

COVID has exposed already existing weaknesses in our system. It’s also shown how much we take care for granted: care is whatever happens in the background while the rest of us get on with the real work. Care, we believe, is women’s work.

But care is costly – especially if you’re doing it right. If my Christianity has taught me anything, it’s that true care means that someone is getting sacrificed.”

While a few generalisations are made, Justine makes a good point that we take care for granted and the local church is certainly not immune to this. She also highlights the sacrificial nature of care. In light of this issue, where do we begin raising the profile of care both in the local church and the wider community? Here at MAC, one step we can take is towards understanding the biblical worldview of primary care work.

In 2021, made possible by a generous financial gift to MAC, we are looking for a Research Associate to join MAC’s team whose focus is solely to explore a biblical-theological framework for the nature of, dignity, and value of primary care work within a family household.

This position is a fixed-term contract at level A or B, depending upon the qualifications and experience of the successful applicant. Candidates may elect upon application to undertake the Research Associate position either as a fractional appointment over 12 months or full time over a shorter period. To lodge your interest for the position, please send an application letter detailing your fit for the Research Associate position and a current CV to Katy Smith ([email protected]). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Applications will close on 28 January, 2021.

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