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Being a minister’s wife can be challenging. While often deeply involved in ministry and church life, ministry wives are commonly not given training to carry out this role. Amy Davies shares how studying at Mary Andrews College has enabled her to provide more effective pastoral care and theological support in her church.

I initially enrolled in Mary Andrews College to complete the Pastoral Care Certificate. My husband had done the Advanced Pastoral Ministry elective in 4th year at Moore College, and I was keen to learn how to properly care for people of all ages and seasons of life in our church alongside him. Studying the Pastoral Care Certificate gave me the confidence and skills to step into someone’s situation and walk alongside them. The course equipped me to sensitively listen, show compassion and understand that pastoral care is not simply about meal rosters, giving advice and fixing situations! It certainly provided a theological framework for pastoral care, and the skills I developed are the ones I use daily in my ministry.

After completing the Pastoral Care Certificate, I completed the Certificate in Theology. Having young children at preschool and school, I took the opportunity to continue with my studies. The flexibility in the timetable, and the ability to choose to take on a load of study that suited my life semester to semester, made the classes enjoyable and not a burden.

The range of electives also enabled me to choose subjects appropriate to my ministry context. ‘Ministry to Seniors’ was an invaluable unit and broadened my awareness of the needs and issues people face in their senior years, and how to effectively care for and minister to them. I also thoroughly enjoyed the core theological subjects. As a result of these units, my Bible studies and discussions are richer, and I feel that I have a better ability to challenge others to evaluate and apply a depth of theology to their lives.

Looking back over the years of study at Mary Andrews College, I have grown in spiritual maturity and in knowledge of the Bible, and I feel that my ministry has grown deeper. I have enjoyed meeting people from all over Sydney and have developed special friendships over the years. I am keen to continue to study further at Mary Andrews College and intend to enrol in the ‘Understanding Grief’ elective next year. This will be an invaluable subject to do for our church context and connecting to the wider community.

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