Your Invitation to Participate in the “Resilience during COVID-19” Research Project

The grief and uncertainty created by COVID-19 leaves a lot of unanswered questions. How are people in the church and wider community reaching out for support and for help? What connection opportunities exist as we ride the roller coaster of lockdown to easing restrictions and then back again? How can we learn from COVID-19 about how we are connecting with one another in situations of community trauma and upheaval like this pandemic?

All of these questions and more have motivated us to launch a new research project that explores resilience during COVID-19. This research project has been granted ethics approval by the Australian College of Theology and we would love you to sign-up to participate as we learn about how COVID-19 has impacted our resilience in this strange and discombobulating season

Why participate?

The more participants join this study, the greater understanding we will gain into how Australians connected in community (or not!) during COVID-19. The goal is to learn now so that we can resource the local church throughout Australia to help improve wellbeing and mental health during community traumatic upheavals like this pandemic. So, we won’t be keeping the learning to ourselves. We will be reporting on a monthly basis through the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute website and with church partners. We hope to see over 2000 Australians participate in this research project and we hope you could be one of them.

How do I participate?

Very easily! If you click on the Sign up to participate button below, you will be taken to the participant’s information page where you can find all information you need to sign-up.

Sign up to participate


If you experience any problems participating in the project or if you have any feedback, please contact Keith Condie or Katy Smith by emailing [email protected] We’re happy to help.


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