Where are they now: Jennie Everist

JennieEveristHere we catch up with one of our graduates, Jennie Everist. Jennie is on staff at St Luke’s Miranda. She studied a Diploma of Theology at Mary Andrews College from 2002-2009.
Jennie, could you tell us a little about why you chose to do theological study?
I began working at St Luke’s Miranda in 2001. I came into ministry having completed some pastoral training. However, apart from my own reading and short course studies, I had no formal qualifications. I was convinced that the care of others must be carried out through the lens of the Bible, and was very aware of the need to exercise pastoral ministry hand-in-hand with the word of God. What hope can we offer people if we do not offer them the cross of Jesus and the blessing of  relationship with God through his Spirit?
Why MAC?  
The key factor for me was the ability to study one subject per semester and attend lectures on my day off. I was able to juggle family and ministry, as well as fit in lectures, assignments and study quite comfortably.
What are some of the joys of your ministry?
I love the privilege of seeing God at work in people’s lives – seeing people come to faith and wear that faith through the blessings and storms of life, living in his strength.
It is a joy to be able to minister to older people who, on the whole, attended Sunday school and learnt that Jesus loves them. In the busyness of life, they may have lost contact with him. I get to remind them that God hasn’t forgotten about them.

So many of our senior citizens are spiritually hungry. Older people ask, “What was my life about? What was the point? What did I achieve?” Ecclesiastes tells us that God has placed eternity into the heart of every man. Older people are very aware of the need for answers to these questions before it is ‘too late’. Helping people find the answers to life is so exciting!
You’ve recently been ordained. How has that impacted your ministry?
In 2 Timothy, Paul urges Timothy to present himself to God as one approved, a worker who correctly handles the word of truth. It has been a great thing to be publicly approved – to be prayed for and commissioned to teach, encourage and shepherd those of God’s people with whom he gives me the privilege to share my life.
What would you say to other women who are considering studying at MAC?
If you feel this is what God is asking you to do, then follow that urging.  What a privilege to soak in his word and to be stretched and challenged in your life and ministry.
How can we pray for you?
In Colossians 1 Paul prays that the people would live a life pleasing to God, bearing fruit, growing in knowledge of God, strengthened with endurance, hope and joy, giving thanks to God. That would be a very powerful and humbling prayer to pray for me, and it is what I pray for others. Thank you!


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