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Student Handbooks

Download a PDF copy of both of the current student and assignment handbooks by clicking on the links below:

  1. 2019 Student Handbook (version 2)
  2. 2019 Assignment handbook (2019 version)

Note that version 2 of our 2019 Student Handbook above has one important change at section 10.3.2 on page 20. Note also that our 2019 Assignment Handbook above is similar to the 2018 Assignment Handbook but with important changes at section 3.6, section 4.1 and Appendix 1. Alternatively, you may download just the changed pages in both handbooks below:

  1. 2019 Student Handbook v2 – changed page only
  2. 2019 Assignment Handbook – changed pages only

Class Forms

Click on the relevant form names listed below to download a copy:

Assignment Forms

Assignment Cover Sheet (updated 2019) – PDF – WORD

Assignment Late Submission Application Form – PDFWORD

Variation of Enrolment Forms

Certificate – Variation of Enrolment form – Adding or Substituting units – PDF – WORD

Certificate – Variation of Enrolment Forms – Withdrawing from units – PDF – WORD

Diploma – Variation of Enrolment form – Adding or Substituting units – PDF – WORD

Diploma – Variation of Enrolment form – Withdrawing from units – PDF – WORD

Important Dates for 2019

Important Diploma Dates 2019

Important Certificate Dates 2019

Australian College Of Theology Enrolment Form And Policy Handbook

Enrolment in ACT Units Form – PDF – WORD

ACT Student Policy Handbook (2nd edition)

How To Apply For FEE-HELP (Diploma students only)

Apply for FEE-HELP online instructions


Powerpoint or PDF Slide Ad

Download a slide that you can use to advertise Mary Andrews College at your church by clicking on the relevant link below.

Download a PDF slide.

Download a PowerPoint slide.

Marking and Grading

Mary Andrews College has a pre-determined scale for relating marks to grades. Download a document on how student work is graded.

Marking and Grading scale

External Study Resources

Our lecturers have recommended the list below of some other websites containing useful resources.

Discussion papers from the Social Issues Executive of the Sydney Anglican Diocese

The Social Issues Committee is “a ‘think tank’ in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. They consider what Christian theology may have to say about social issues and matters of public policy. They have articles on their website on a range of topics, most of which are from their “series of occasional briefings”.


Their articles can either be searched by topic (socialissues.org.au/topic) or viewed by looking at a list starting with their most recent briefings (socialissues.org.au/issues).

Australian College of Theology website

The Australian College of Theology website has a list of online resources for students, including Australian theological bookshop websites, and theological and early Christian resource websites.


Bible online

To see Bible passages online in a wide variety of translations, both in English and other languages, go to the Bible Gateway website below. (This website is also a good way to get “chunks” of Bible text without having to type it in.)


Classic writings and sacred texts

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library has a large range of online classic Christian writings available at their website below.


To see a list of online versions of sacred texts from Christianity, other religions and more, go to the websites below.



Online digital books from Princeton Theological Seminary Library

The Princeton Theological Seminary Library is digitising its books that are in the public domain. So far over 17,000 books are freely available to read online or download from their website below. For example, the books include the first edition of Calvin’s Institutes (Basel, 1536).


Bible map

The BibleMap+ app shows you an online map, marking each of the places mentioned in any Bible verse you select.


Free online theological journal

The free online theological journal Themelios is published three times a year and is available from the website link below. Themelios is aimed at theological students and pastors.


Various study and learning skills

To do an online questionnaire to find out your learning style, go to the VARK website below.


To see information about skills like memory improvement, information skills, time management, communication skills, leadership skills and more, go to the website below.


To see more online academic skills resources like essay and assignment writing, writing a book review, exam skills, note-taking, and more, go to ‘The Learning Centre’ website below from the University of New South Wales.


To see some information on learning to speed-read, go to the website below.


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