Semester 1, 2018 units

Big Story of Scripture (BB205)

Christian Worldview (PE210)

Creative Ministries (PC233)

God and the Person and Work of Christ (TH210)

Holy Spirit, Grace and Hope (TH211)

Isaiah (OT227)

New Testament Overview (NT240)

Old Testament (OT) – no unit reader currently

Old Testament Overview (OT240) – no unit reader

Pastoral Care (PC207 and IPC)see “Pastoral units core reader” below

Pastoral Care for those with Mental Illness (PC257 and PCMI) – no unit reader

Pastoral Evangelism (EM236 and PE)

Pastoral units core reader (EM236&PE, PC207&IPC, PC256&IAPC)

Practical Pastoral Care (PC256 and IAPC)

Social Justice and the Bible (EM210)

The Reformation (CH206)

Theology for Everyday Life (PC221) – no reader currently

Understanding Grief (MAP21 and GRF)