Student Support

If you are struggling with something in your life, MAC staff are more than happy to discuss this with you, and to help you find the help you need.

Here are some useful websites for the circumstances you may be facing:


If you need the help of a welfare service:


https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/centrelink (Australian Government Department of Human Services)

https://salvos.org.au/need-help/ (Salvation Army)


If you need temporary accommodation near the college:

http://goldengrove.org.au/accommodation (Golden Grove, Newtown)

http://www.thegeorge.com.au/(George Street Hotel)


If you need financial services, advice or assistance:

https://www.anglicare.org.au/what-we-offer/food-and-financial-assistance/ (Anglicare)

https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/financial-information-service (Australian Government, Department of Human Services)

https://www.financialcounsellingaustralia.org.au/Home (Financial Counselling Australia)


If you need legal services, advice or assistance:

https://www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au/ (NSW Legal Aid)


If you need professional help, find a Christian counsellor here:

www.ccaa.net.au/find-a-christian-counsellor (Christian Counsellors Association of Australia)


If you (or a loved one) are suffering from depression or anxiety:

www.blackdoginstitute.org.au (Black Dog Institute)

www.beyondblue.org.au (Beyond Blue)


If you are a carer for someone and need support:

www.carersaustralia.com.au (Carers Australia)

www.carersnsw.asn.au (Carers NSW)


If you (or a loved one) are going through a divorce, many churches run Divorce Care courses.  Here is just one of those churches in Sydney:

www.villagechurch.com.au/whats-on/divorce-care (Village Church Annandale)


If you (or a loved one) are experiencing grief:

www.childhoodgrief.org.au (The National Centre for Childhood Grief)

www.grief.org.au (Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement)


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