Resources On Other Websites And Books

If you are a carer for someone: (Carers Australia) (Carers NSW)


If you (or a loved one) are suffering from depression: (Black Dog Institute) (Beyond Blue)


Many churches run courses for people who are going through a divorce (or who have been divorced for some time).  Here is just one of those churches in Sydney: (Village Church Annandale)


Two good non-Christian sites for those experiencing grief are: (The National Centre for Childhood Grief) (Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement)


Christian books on grief and loss:

A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser

Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb

How Do I Help A Hurting Friend? by Rod J. K. Wilson


A book on ageing and hope:

Nearly Home by Billy Graham


If you need professional help, find a Christian counsellor here: (Christian Counsellors Association of Australia)

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