Diploma Units

Mary Andrews College is offering the following Diploma units in 2023.

Diploma: Bible Units

Old Testament Overview

OT003-512 • 36 hours class time (150 hours total study time)

The Old Testament forms the background to the message of Jesus, but often we don’t have a good knowledge of it. This unit introduces you to the Old Testament by looking at the major division of the books (Law, Prophets, Writings). Students will be equipped to read and understand the content of the Old Testament and consider its major themes.

New Testament Overview

NT003-512 • 36 hours class time (150 hours total study time)

In this unit, you will learn about the social, historical and cultural world from which the New Testament arose. Study the contents and themes of the gospels, Acts, Romans, Hebrews and Revelation with a view to the way you can incorporate these into your own life and ministry.

Diploma: Christian Thought and History Units

Biblical Theology of Work

PE014-512 • 36 hours class time (150 hours total study time)

We spend approximately 70,000 hours in paid work in our lifetime, and for women there are equivalent hours spent in unpaid work. What does the Bible have to say about the activity that takes up the majority of our waking hours? This unit will provide a comprehensive outlining of the biblical narrative of work—paid and unpaid—collated under some common themes: God as worker, and how our work can be good, can be bad and is able to be redeemed. It will also allow for exploration of how this theology of work might be applied in the lives of all of us who work. Come along and develop a new imagination for how you can partner with the work God is doing in the world, through your ordinary work.

The Holy Spirit, Grace, Church and Hope

TH009-512 • 36 hours class time (150 hours total study time)

This theology unit offers an opportunity to think through some of the big questions we face as Christians. We will examine the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, our salvation, the nature and purposes of the church and the content of our hope as Christians. All these doctrines impact the way we live as followers of Jesus. We will be considering the ways you can apply these to your own life and ministry contexts.

Rise of Christianity

CH040-512 • 36 hours class time (150 hours total study time)

Christian history is a reminder that our faith is embodied and grounded in history. In this unit we will have the opportunity to be mentored by those who have gone before so that we are better equipped to live and minister in the present. Starting with the early Christians, we will hear the story of Christianity up to (and including) the Reformation. By understanding more about our brothers and sisters from the past we will be able to understand more about ourselves in the present.

Diploma: Ministry and Practice Units

Foundations of Pastoral Care

PC013-508 • 24 hours class time (100 hours total study time)

Would you like to improve your skills to care for others pastorally? This unit on pastoral care will introduce you to the biblical basis of caring and how to care for people in different stages of life and in a range of different situations and contexts. This unit will also give you the opportunity to practice and develop your skills in active listening, encouragement and dealing with conflict.

Applied Pastoral Care

PC014-512 • 24 hours class time (100 hours total study time)

In this unit, you will develop your practical skills in pastoral care. You will learn how to ask helpful questions, listen effectively and employ boundaries. You will also learn how to apply the scriptures to important pastoral issues in your own life and as a foundation for ministry work in pastoral care. Foundations of Pastoral Care (PC013-508) is a prerequisite for this unit. (This unit includes a practical component).

Foundations of Seniors Ministry

PC017-508 • 24 hours class time (100 hours total study time)

Getting old or living with dementia is tough! The good news is Christian pastoral care of older people and people living with dementia can make a huge difference. This course presents a Biblical understanding of both aging and dementia and provides practical tools for sharing Jesus’ love in this critical context.

Disability and the People of God

DE028-512 • 36 hours class time (150 hours total study time)

1 in 5 people in Australia live with some kind of disability. And yet, people with disability are described as the most unreached people group. This unit will introduce you to the issues of disability and inclusion from a biblical and practical perspective and allow you to hear first-hand experiences from people with disability and their families.

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