Hybrid Learning at MAC

At MAC, we believe that studying God’s word happens best in community, in real-time.

Expanding our courses to run online has given us an incredible opportunity to reach students all over the country, but our dedication to ‘live’ classes hasn’t changed. We still believe meeting together in live classes to ask questions of your lecturer and interact with your peers is the best way to learn. For this reason, all of our classes at MAC in 2022 will run in hybrid mode, meaning students in-person and online meet together for classes in real-time. Students in the classroom and at home all have the opportunity to ask questions of their lecturers and to participate in group discussions and activities with other students in their class.

When you come to study at MAC, you can select to study each of your units as ‘in-person’ or ‘online.’ The MAC timetable shows the days and times of all the classes for each unit. Our in-person students join us on campus in the Sydney CBD, while our online students join live classes via Zoom. Each class has a dedicated Zoom host who welcomes you into class each week 15 minutes early, giving you the chance to catch up for a chat with some of your peers before class begins just like you would in the classroom. The setup of our Zoom classrooms means students on Zoom will see not only their lecturers but also see their peers in the classroom. Zoom chat, class forum discussions, small group discussions and other educational tools like Kahoot are used by our lecturers to ensure you have the opportunity to connect and engage as much as possible from wherever you are across Australia.

If you’d like to find out more about studying at MAC online or in-person, you can attend an information session or email [email protected].

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